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Isvara Candra das:compositions(10), mixing and recording, coverdesign, vocals, guitars, synths, percussion, samplers en drumcomputer.
Gerard Jan Heering: compositions(2), spanish guitar, accordion, picolo, flute and soprano sax.
Ananta Rama das: background vocals on 'Hari Haraya'
Marianne van Oord: female vocals on 'Bajahunremana' and 'Oh When Again'.
Nilkamalini devi: female vocals on 'Bajahunremana' and Hari-Om Namah... Aad van der Heuvel: keys on 'My Love...'
Ard van der Heuvel: keys op 'My Love...'
Hendrik Hobbeling: harmonium and vocals op 'Durge'(compostion by Ammaji)
sound on Cascada sound on Hari Haraya sound onO when again
sound on My Love in a ForeignLand sound onDurge sound onSamsara
sound onEchoes sound on Baja Hun Re Mana sound on Longing
sound onTanguita sound onHari Om Namah Shivaya sound on Mullah

my heart
orientaalse kunst orientaalse kunst