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My girlfriend Marise inspired me in the making of this project. It shows the beauty of Arabic culture; specially its awesome coloured tiles but also its mosks and ancient calligraphy.

To watch this video please click link below:
part 1    part 2


This DVD is an impression of my trip around India in 1984. Mainly made from slides I took and scanned. It features also some pics of different photographers from flickr.com. The music is from the cd serie Buddhabar and there are also three tracks composed by myself. This is the cover for the first 10 Dutch releases. Many thanks to Martin Ploeg for his lay-out work .

You can watch the full length low resolution video on this link (45 min. on Google)


Exotic trip from South- to Mid-Thailand along a variety of 'Bounty Isles' with great pics of the "Wat Po" Reclining Buddha, one of the many Wonders of the World. Made from slide-scans. Original shots in 1995 with a Pentax Me camera with 28- and 35mm lenses on Kodachrome slidefilm. Music by Isvara Candra das.

See the full-length video here


This is a Multi-Media project featuring a video-clip in honour of Lord Shiva, the third deity of the Hindu Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva: i.o.w Creation, Maintenance and Destruction. Shiva stands for the fact that everything from ant to Himalaya will vanish in time. The principle of destruction of form and ego, of all things temporarely.The track comes from my cd 'Within' and the mantra's are sung by Nilkamalini devi dasi, a half-gypsy and Krishna-lover from Croatia.Production and all instuments: Isvara Candra das(Eddie Boschma) Please note that the pics are not made by me.They were downloaded from Flickr.com and I want to thank all the photographers for making this project come alive.

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