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Born in Winschoten, province of Groningen, Netherlands.
First guitarlessons.
Played in a schoolgroup called 'Skelington', often as supportact of already wellknown Dutch popgroups like 'Solution'. Won many local music-contests with this first group.
Weekendjob in a gardenshop and as a Assistent/Stagemanager at a local theatre 'De Klinker'.
Working in the privincial archieves and studied cival-law for 6 months.
Studied one year photography at Art School 'St. Joost', Breda, Holland.
First photopublication in magazine 'Foto'.
Moved to Groningen to be part of 'Het Groninger Springtij', a fruitfull musical period wich gave birth to groups like 'Herman Brood and his Wild Romance' and dozens of other less- and wellknown Dutch popgroups. Mainly interested in Latin-American Pop- and Funk music, performed as the bassplayer of 'Fandango'(lp-track 'Judy and the Blues'), 'Fox the fox' and lateron in a well known band called 'Time Bandits', which scored several hits.
Played over 500 gigs during that period, on almost all Dutch popstages.
Organizer of weekly jamsessions in 'The Troubadour', Groningen.
Jammed with many good musicians of North Holland, including Jan Akkerman, Winfred Buma, Kees Post, Michiel Hoogeboezem e.m.o.
Working as a professional photographer at 2 companys. Moved to Amsterdam becoming a successfull streetmusician and owner of a small private musicstudio 'Studio 8'.
Made a musical/Buddhist pelgrimage in the south of England (Isle of Wales). Made pictures in India, Thailand, Ibiza and the Canary's.
Lived monastic life in 'Radadesh' and at the castle-villa of Jean-Jaques Rousseau, near Paris, France. Receiving Bhakti-Yoga teachings.
Organiser of weekly Mantra-workshops at home.
Embarked on a 5000 km journey around India and got initiated as Isvara Candra das, during full moon februari 1986, Nabadwip, West-Bengal.
Release of first 60 minute musictape 'Blue Desert/Silver Moon' with own material. Formed the musical duo 'Visions' with multinstrumentalist
Gerard Jan Heering. Starting a small recording studio at 'The Golden Temple Restaurant'. Lateron the small 4 track studio expands into an analog 8 track one.
Produced for: Mata Mandir Singh, Angèle Ettoundi Essamba and many others, including Tattagat & friends, Racendra and Prem Jan of 'Mevlana' the
Osho Community of Amsterdam. Playing with good friend, Surinam singer Dhru Nankhoe for the Royal family in 1992. Mixed an album for him also.
In the mean time moved to Amersfoort to live in 'Atma Institute'.Did some spriritual workshops together with friend Peter Krijger, founder of the Atrma Institute.
Recording a hypnotic trance album for Barbelo Uijtenbogaardt (Hypnos). Building high-end speakersystems for 'Transatlantic Studio's', Apeldoorn and fabricated many other models for the highest listening-experiences. Recorded at private 'Summit Studio' a few local musicprojects and also produced again for Mata Mandir Singh, Barramundi, Ustad Mohammad Sayeed Khan and family, Marianne Swasek and Soefi-album with Saki and friends. Produced music for large chip-manufacturer and a pregnancy-video for a local hospital.
Released 4 albums with own material and originals doing the mixing & recording, coverdesign, the main vocals, small percussion, 12 stringed guitar, bass- and midi-guitars, clayvase (urdu), keyboards, sampler and drumcomputer.(click cd's in the menu) Recorded guitarsamples for Alain Eskinasi.
Last few years active with Multimedia-productions, Bellydance (playing percussion and shooting dance-video's and photography.
Bellydance-performances and lecture about Anatolia (DVD) with Oriental dancer Gunesh. Spontanious bellydance-performances with bellydancing girlfriend 'Maroushka'
Many video- and slideshows-projects on YouTube (click links in the menu) Recently having an exibition in 'Grand Cafe Halewijn' with HD-photo's
of hometown Amersfoort).
Local foto- and other assignments for theater (Multimedia project for Global Village Series) horeca, schools and others.
Co-production with friend and musician Martin Ploeg, resulting in the cd-album 'Lost Landscapes', featuring synth-compositions of Martin Ploeg.
imgMay 2008 -
trip with Bellydancegroup through Marocco!